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   We are a wholesale/retail ceramic shop specializing in producing greenware and bisque from molds purchased from over 50 different mold companies.  Through the years, we have purchased over 25,000 molds from companies such as Alberta, Arnell, Atlantic, Boothe, Byron. Cardinal Designs, Ceramichrome, Clay Magic, Creative Paradise, Duncan, Dona, DocHolliday, Gare, Georgies, Great Plains, Hershey, Holland, Iandola, Kelly, Kentucky, Kimple, Kinzie, Lakeland, Macky, Mayco, Ocean State, Provincial, Petro, Riverview, Scioto, Seeley, Tampa Bay, Teddy Bear, Trenton, T.L.Designs, VIP, Weaver, Whitehorse, and others.  We continue to purchase new mold designs from the companies still in business.


   Our shop is located on State Highway 10 between the towns of Jefferson and Stamford.  The shop houses thousands of pieces of greenware, bisque (ready to paint pieces), finished pieces and ceramic supplies such as brushes, paints, ceramic tools, clock fixtures, tree lights, etc.  Firing of greenware is done weekly.


   Greenware cannot be shipped and therefore we offer only BISQUE (white, unpainted items) for sale on the internet.  We will ship anywhere in the continental United States of America.  If you would like to see items in person, make a trip or stop by when you are in the area.










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