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Bisqueware from R.J. Wehmeyer
984 State Highway 10
Stamford, N.Y. 12167

(607) 652-7630


Open: Tuesday through Friday 9:30am - 4:00pm
Saturday 9:30am - 12pm




In order to offer a variety on our website, we must limit the number of pages we devote to each subject.
If you are interested in more pictures, we will be glad to customize a compact disc (CD) for you. Send us a list of
the subjects you would like from those listed (in order of preference) by email, and we will fit as many pictures
on a CD as it will hold. A disc will hold approximately 2,000 pictures.

Please send $3.00 for shipping and handling with your name and address and we will send your customized CD to you.
We will be adding to this list monthly; so if you have a special interest, let us know & we will give that subject priority.




Bisque by Category



-Animal Busts-



-Bears - Realistic-

-Bees & Dragonflies-

-Birds - Variety-

-Black Figurines-

-Bobble-heads or Nodders-




-Canister Sets-

-Carousel Animals-


-Cats - Domestic-

-Cats - Wild-



-Chess Sets-


-Chipmunks & Rodents-


-Clay Magic Figure Pots-













-Foxes & Skunks-



-Gnomes & Trolls-







-Magnets, Flats, Pins




_Napkin Holders-
-Napkin Rings-

-Native American Indians-



-Pet Memorials-

-Pig Banks-




-Red Hat Society-


-Senior Angels-

-Sheep & Goats-

-Ships & Sailors-

-Skulls & Reapers-

-Small Figurines-






-Stuffed Shirts-

-Tart Burners-

-Teabag Holders-


-Toothpick Holders-


-Wall Plaques-

-Water Scenes-




Holiday Bisque




-Father's Day-


-Mother's Day-

-St. Patrick's Day-


-Valentine's Day-





New Bisque by Year


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